K/tr Brewery

Creative Director

Caleb Peterson
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In early 2017 Caleb Peterson & his partner approached us to start dreaming & talking about their new brewery endeavor, K/tr. But long before, Caleb began experimenting with brewing his own beers & growing them into a more refined expression. K/tr is the outcome of that expression & exploration which grew into a brand with a name, face, & feel.

With that, our approach was something similar to theirs. We began exploring, & experimenting with a look that would further allow the beer to do the talking. Creating a brand identity that is timeless, clean, & airy was what we invented & thus, K/tr was born. Keeping the colors neutral, the visuals minimal, & the heart of the brand within the bottle we set out to make a visual identity that allowed people to leave the prejudgment for the actual experience of the beer itself.