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Blackwing Pencils

Brand ID & Creative Direction

Identity, Retail Development, Digital, Print, Design

Through rebranding Blackwing, I not only played a key role in updating a heritage brand but also introduced new thinking to packaging, accessories, and product along with sustainability initiatives.

All of that history was accounted for in the new branding of Blackwing. With a refreshed look both modern & timeless while staying true to the pencil that made them an influential piece of history, Blackwing is growing beyond just the pencil.

Blackwing Pencils – Tar

The introduction of a new language to expand beyond the pencil
With Blackwing Volumes being at the forefront of collaboration & historic reference, the new logo needed to accompany each collaborative endeavor. Separated by a dot signifying the tip of a sharpened pencil alongside each volume name, Blackwing can now explore artful & creative ways to highlight design without sacrificing legibility.

Blacwing • 93 – Series from the limited edition product line

Redefining product design for a complete package
Alongside the introduction of the new branding, a new packing & product form factor was created to not only encapsulate pencils & accessories but to have minimal impact on the environment & it’s resources.

Blackwing pencils – Packaging design and product