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Health–Ade Kombucha

Brand ID & Creative Direction 

Identity, Packaging, Marketing

A complete overhaul of Health-Ade’s brand language followed by an expansion of product all beginning with a brand audit as a hired creative director. Health-Ade was later aquired through a private equity deal.

Health-ade new campaign focus’ around your gut.

Rethinking the brand langauge to make way for new product
Heath-Ade has become so much more than just kombucha. With Health-Ade+, mixers, Pop, a new umbrella brand and product positioning was essential to the brand.

Health-Ade Mixers, Pop, and +

Beyond the brand
Making opportunities to collaborate with Target (and others) to launch limited stock of unique flavors that tailor to specific consumers.

Target x Health-Ade

An online overhaul
Taking the opporuntity to unify the brand visual language across .com and digital avenues and allowing for new ways to express the brand and pair product.