Apple Marcom

Associate Creative Director
Apple Marcom Design Team
The nature of this work remains confidential.
Los Angeles & Cupertino, CA • 2018 - Current

Creative by request.

Apple Music Classical

ACD/Sr. Art Director
Identity, Design, Marketing, Television, Retail

Creating a rich world and brand for the new app designed for classical. A new way to experience the classics. Browse, explore, and even search by key (F#m) to find your favorite music from orchestral halls, symphonies, and conductors in high quality Spatial Audio.

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Apple Music SB LVII

Sr. Art Director
Identity, Design, Marketing, Television, Retail

Branding the very first Apple Music Halftime Show for Super Bowl LVII. From lockup development to the marketing campaign all the way through to Rihanna’s groundbreaking performance.

Apple Retail Design Team

Art Director
Design, Marketing, Retail

Various Apple design campaigns within and among retail stores worldwide between 2018 and 2021, including Holiday, Back to School, iPhone 10, 11, 12, 13, Power of Plus, WWDC, iPad, and more.


Creative Director

A complete overhaul of Health-Ade’s brand language followed by an expansion of product all beginning with a brand audit as a hired creative director.

Health-Ade was later aquired through a private equity deal.